The Top 5 Legal Blogs & Publications Worth a Follow

The legal marketing industry doesn’t have to be hard to keep up with. Regularly reading industry updates will return top-notch knowledge in what’s currently happening in the legal (and legal marketing) space. Understanding the legal landscape is crucial to have a perfect marketing strategy for law firms or class action lawsuits. With Élan’s favorite legal publications, you can do just that:

ABA Journal

The ABA (American Bar Association) has a monthly journal highlighting news, industry updates, and helpful legal tips for legal professionals. Advertising parameters are a must to understand, and the ABA provides great information on just that. Because of this, the ABA is a great resource to start keeping up with revolving information. is another great starting point for becoming knowledgeable in the legal industry. With constant updates on changes in the industry and news updates, there’s a never-ending opportunity to keep up with the latest trends. When it comes to marketing, this resource also provides insight to other reputable legal sources that can assist in better understanding the legal landscape. is a one-stop-shop for all things law, and it’s a must to check out.


Clio offers legal white papers, webinars, success stories, and more. It’s also a great resource for all things legal research. From providing information on best practices for running a business in the legal industry to useful legal marketing stats, Clio has plenty of tools to keep up with legal trends.


SimpleLegal provides many forms of resources that are useful when learning the legal industry. Whitepapers, product datasheets, videos and podcasts, and articles are all at the hands of SimpleLegal’s resource center, and they even produce guides for legal marketing tips.

Élan Legal Media

Élan Legal Media also has a blog where we are an expert source of legal marketing tips & tricks, industry updates, how-tos, and insights. The Élan team is here to create actionable content that accelerates the success of law firms, class action administrators, and litigation funds. This blog page is a great source to further familiarize with the legal (and marketing) landscape, as well as learn more about the nitty-gritty details that are crucial in legal marketing.

The ABA Journal, Clio, SimpleLegal,, and your very own Élan Legal Media are all great resources for becoming more familiar with the changing climate of the legal industry. When marketing for the legal industry, understanding who the changing target audiences are can be a big indicator of success. That’s why at Élan, we keep up with industry trends and news to ensure we can make knowledgeable decisions for our clients.

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