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An influx of leads must be met with an efficient lead intake process to maximize marketing efforts. Élan has the right tools and partners to effectively implement a robust lead intake process.

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Our Intake Services

Landing Page Creation

A landing page, or a webpage specifically designed to convert visitors into leads, is instrumental in capturing the audience’s attention and providing them with the necessary information they need to convert.

Conversion & Analytics Management

The tracking of conversions is vital to understanding your audience to ensure your brand is reaching the people you serve.

Live Intake Management

When a conversion takes place, there must be someone on the receiving side to quickly respond to each call, form, or chat. The sooner this happens, the more likely a lead will turn into a real client.

CRM & Automation

A robust customer relationship management (CRM) tool must be used to ensure a seamless transition from lead conversion/communication to lead tracking. Élan can facilitate a cohesive process among all lead-driving sources.

Key Benefits

The Benefits of a Refined Intake Process

Élan will design, implement, and manage a customized intake process to meet your business needs.

With a refined intake process you’ll:

  • Drive accessibility to your business for your clients
  • Build a strong foundation for the clients first impression of your business
  • Provide a more positive customer experience
  • Experience higher conversion rates
  • Receive more immediate feedback on your marketing funnel
  • Grow a deeper understanding of your target audience through data tracking and trending
  • Create a seamless transition from lead to client
  • Maximize the return of your marketing dollars


Our Approach to the Lead Intake Process

A lead intake process is just as important as the budget behind the marketing campaign. If there isn’t an immediate answer to a phone call or a swift follow-up on a lead form submission, the potential lead may very likely move on to the next firm on their list. This could be the difference between a campaign’s success or failure. Élan takes a data-driven approach to lead intake, utilizing advanced tracking tools to ensure an optimal intake approach is implemented.


Lead Conversion

A simple and optimized lead-converting process via online forms or a phone number to allow users to get in touch with your team as easily as possible. 


Conversion Tracking

The lead intake process must have tracking capability for media to be optimized towards the highest-performing tactics. 


Lead Intake

For an efficient process, leads must be automatically imported into a customer relationship management (CRM) software while simultaneously being communicated to all necessary intake partners. 


Lead Response

Responses to lead conversations (both lead forms and calls) must occur immediately to ensure the highest likelihood of lead retention.