Audit Overview

Understanding your Market

A successful marketing strategy is built upon a strong understanding of the competitive landscape and one’s own brand. Our audits provide vital market context of both the firm's current position and the position of competitors in the space.

Our Audit Services

Élan provides comprehensive audits including an analysis of your business, your competitors, benchmarking for marketing campaigns, and actionable insights and recommendations.


Key Benefits

Why Audits Drive Results

The Élan audit process is an essential part of a marketing campaign. It helps pull together the opportunities both in the applicable market as well as within the business itself.

An audit can determine much of the decision-making information used in building everything from a full scale marketing campaign to a single awareness campaign and everything in between, information gathered in these audits include:

  • Practice area focuses
  • Media budget
  • Media tactics
  • Creative strategy
  • Website needs
  • Top competitors to monitor
  • And more

The audit provides our team with vital market context of both the business’ current position and the position of competitors in the space.

All of this information is what drives campaign success through accurate predictions and educated decisions.


Our Approach to Audits

Élan builds a comprehensive audit utilizing a four step approach.

Step #1

Firm Analysis

The Firm Analysis evaluates the designated business to determine its current standing related to competition. This gives the Élan team and the client a sense of how advanced their brand and marketing is and how to compare it to other firms. While also identifying what additional information will need to be gathered to build a full-scale recommendation.

Step #2

Competitor Analysis

The Competitor Analysis utilizes a range of databases, industry partners, digital intelligence tools, and proprietary benchmarking as well as a robust research strategy in order to compile a full-view of the competitive space. These findings allow the Élan team to paint an accurate picture of who we would be competing against and what priorities are necessary to surpass said competition.

Step #3

Campaign Analysis

The Campaign Analysis section captures data with regards to average current competitor marketing spend, insights, and additional competitive data such as website pages and web traffic. This helps guide the budget recommendations in the final step.

Step #4


The Recommendations section outlines a roadmap that will result in the highest ROI for the firm. This includes the suggested practice areas, individual media phase budgets, tactic recommendations, and more.