Class Action Administrators


Why You Choose Us?

Data-Driven Class Action Legal Notification

The world of legal notification is changing. Class Action Administrators are realizing how digital marketing effectively integrates with class action notices - allowing for refined targeting capabilities, stronger impression precision, and simplified claims administration processes. Talk to Élan today to find out how to incorporate effective digital notice into your class action notice campaigns.

Class Action Experience

Experience is a must when it comes to Class Action Notification. Élan has experience across 100+ different legal practice areas and legal notice markets. We have the capability to take on any market using every form of marketing.

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Our Approach

The Élan team takes a holistic approach to narrowing down and selecting the best formula for your class action marketing goals.

  1. Audience Research
  2. Precise Platform Selection
  3. Budget & Plan Approval
  4. Ad & Creative Build-Out
  5. Notice Plan Approval
  6. Legal Notice Launch


How We Work With Class Action Administrators

Élan utilizes modern class action notice best practices to develop notice plans that achieve precise impression counts and claims goals. From the proposal and plan process to the media launch, our team covers all things within digital notice.

Expert Resource

Our expert teams understand not only digital, but also the specifics of class action campaigns and reporting. We have experience serving as experts in affidavits to support the credibility of a class action media notice plan.

Digital Marketing

Élan brings digital marketing to the class action notification space. Utilizing the most advanced and effective digital tactics like social media, programmatic display, and even online radio, our team optimizes each class action campaign to get the most for every class action administrator’s dollar. Our platform experience is unmatched.

Intake Process

A smooth claims intake process can lead to more effectively reached claims goals. Élan utilizes today’s best practices such as modern websites, user-friendly web forms, and more to ensure the most efficient process possible.

Traditional Media

Our team can implement various tactics like billboards, subway banners, newspaper placements, and local radio and television. Our team is able to strategically supplement digital media efforts with traditional media and create notice proposals at the intersection of technology and a premium user experience.

Production Services

At Élan, we provide our clients with the highest quality video, ranging from client testimonials to nationally televised class action commercials. Our video production team specializes in premium-crafted content that fits your class action administration goals through the use of both Connected TV (CTV) and Linear TV.

Reports & Analytics

Élan utilizes modern tracking methods for campaign insights within the individual media platforms. We use this data to optimize campaigns toward their case-specific goals and provide thorough, transparent reporting for both the claims administration and Counsel.

Branding & Creative

In the case of class actions, the team at Élan provides only top-notch creative. Our design capabilities include display ads, copywriting, social media graphics, and more. The team is known for setting the new standard for class action notice visuals across the board.