Litigation Finance Groups


The Preferred Partner in Consumer Litigation Financing

In the world of consumer litigation finance, you want a partner that produces results. This partner must bring in quality retainable cases for the law firm to work with. Élan has the capability to not only produce quality retainable leads, but also promote premium branding, an efficient case intake process, effective stakeholder communication, and even 24/7 transparent campaign reporting.

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How We Work With Litigation Finance Groups

Over the years, Élan has developed a proven partnership strategy with Litigation Finance Groups. We work closely with client teams to ensure every part of the process is covered. From helping pinpoint promising law firm candidates to fully managing the lead generation campaigns, our team helps take on the entire process to fully realize each investment opportunity’s potential.

Law Firm Audit

The first step in our process involves a comprehensive law firm audit. In this analysis, our team runs through a standardized process for measuring the firm’s current marketing effectiveness and competitive landscape. We evaluate the firm from head to toe, define bottlenecks, and ultimately build strategic recommendations based on our findings. This audit can help determine whether a law firm is a good fit for litigation financing.

Strategy Recommendation

After an audit is complete, our team then provides high-level strategy recommendations relating to media tactics, budget, intake process, and more. This strategy is thoroughly presented and explained to all stakeholders to ensure unanimous understanding and agreement.

Advanced Lead Generation

Once a strategy is confirmed and agreed upon by all stakeholders, the Élan team then has the ability to execute on said recommendations through creative development,campaign buildout and coordination, campaign performance monitoring, optimizations, and analytics.

Transparent Reporting

Our team has dedicated data analysts that provide in-depth analytics through custom real-time dashboards and reporting, resulting in elevated reporting transparency. We ensure that our litigation finance clients not only have visibility into their data, but also understand how every dollar contributes to a successful investment.