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Advanced Growth Consulting

We focus on connecting you with the right clients for your business, so you can focus on what matters most - helping others become whole.

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Service You Can Count On

The Élan team helps businesses in the legal and medical industries grow through the use of precise data, efficient marketing tactics, and an optimal user experience.

Litigation Finance Groups

Élan partners with Litigation Finance Groups to identify investment opportunities and assist in deploying responsible capital across a variety of legal campaigns. 

Law Firms

The Élan Team takes law firm marketing head-on with a tailored approach for each client we partner with. 

Class Action Administrators

Élan has worked with Class Action Administrators from the start. The foundation of our data-driven marketing strategies were born through highly successful class action notification campaigns.

Medical Groups

The Élan team utilizes the same holistic strategy formed from our work in the legal industry and applies it to medical groups, allowing us to connect providers to patients Nationwide.


About Élan

Who We Are

Élan is a small, nimble consulting team dedicated to transforming the business growth and lead generation spaces through advanced marketing tactics and optimized intake processes. Pulling extensive experience across a multitude of industries, our niche lies in the legal and medical industries. This has allowed our team of analysts, media planners, and creatives to become full experts for these industries’ unique business needs. Today, we utilize our wealth of historical data and research to ensure each client maximizes return on ad spend (ROAS) and exceeds their company’s growth goals.


How Can We Help?

Whether you have a question about pricing, services, culture or anything else, let us know by either giving us a call or using the contact form here.

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Lead Intake

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Success Rate

Élan has a 100% success rate for delivering quoted impressions.

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Retained Lead Value

We've generated hundreds of millions in retained lead value for our clients in only the last few years.

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Industries & Markets

Experience across a variety of industries and markets.

The ÉlanBLOG

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An expert source of marketing tips & tricks, industry updates, how-tos, and insights. Our team is here to create actionable content that accelerates the success of law firms, class action administrators, litigation funds, and medical groups.