The Marketing Funnel for Law Firms

The marketing funnel describes a customer’s journey through the decision-making process. In the interests of law firms, the funnel describes a client’s process in discovering, searching, and choosing the legal representation that best meets their needs. 

Depending on the audience and subject being analyzed, the steps of the marketing funnel may vary, but don’t fret. The marketing funnel we developed will help your law firm understand your target audience and suggests actions you should be taking to meet their needs. 

Marketing Funnel Diagram

Marketing Funnel Diagram


  • Customer Experience
    • May not currently need legal assistance
    • Could become a future leads 
  • Suggestions for Law Firms 
    • Build out organic and paid media
    • Use general marketing tactics to create brand awareness  


  • Customer Experience
    • In need of legal representation
    • Researching to find the best law firm for them  
    • Comparing your law firm to your competitors 
  • Suggestions for Law Firms 
    • Make sure your online content is up to date and thorough
    • Utilize targeted paid search ads to place your firm at the top of search results and paid social ads to stay top-of-mind  


  • Customer Experience
    • Has interacted with your firm in some way, such as a call, form submission, or webchat
    • Begin interacting with your firm through your intake process
  • Suggestions for Law Firms 
    • Make sure your intake process is streamlined and organized 
    • Offer multiple conversion options such as online chats, 24/7 voicemail service, or email 


  • Customer Experience 
    • At this point, the potential lead has signed a retainer
    • The legal process with your firm begins
  • Suggestions for Law Firms
    • Strong communication with your client is very important throughout the case
    • Make your client feel valued and understood


  • Customer Experience 
    • After the case is finished, the client turns into an advocate for your law firm
    • They can provide referrals, testimonials, online reviews, etc
  • Suggestions for Law Firms
    • Take initiative to ask your clients for testimonials
    • Update your website with recent case outcomes 
    • Advocacy is an essential part of the marketing process because of its potential to spread the word about the trustworthiness of your firm

The Benefit of the Marketing Funnel 

Organizing the customer journey using this simplified tool will help your law firm visualize an in-depth understanding of their process. From there, this tool becomes a measurable tactic for your firm that helps pinpoint improvement opportunities in your marketing campaign. 

Learn more about how your firm can improve its marketing funnel with a free marketing audit.  We can show you how to optimize your firm’s marketing strategy using a variety of different law firm marketing tactics.

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