How We Drive Online Claim Filings

Each notice plan is projected to reach this specific audience at various frequencies depending on the tailored campaign KPI (Key Performance Indicator). The notice plan specifically targets the unique audience through multiple forms of targeting including Data Targeting, Demographic Targeting, Interest/Contextual Targeting, and behavioral purchase targeting. This fulfills the media consumption profile of our audience across social media, search and both desktop and mobile web properties. This structure of the campaign effectively reaches the class and due process standards while driving claim filings simultaneously.

Our initial research process allows us to get especially granular with the targeting, with the exact purpose of driving claim filings and to ensure that we are, to the best of our ability, reaching our specific targeted audience and driving efficiency with the impressions we are delivering across all platforms of Digital Media. Throughout the duration of the campaign, we monitor and make daily optimization based on performance. These adjustments ensure that we are spending media dollars effectively and investing in the tactics and audiences that are performing best. The Élan team uses a test and learn strategy throughout the campaign to gather additional information on each audience. As a result of this, the team may exclude audiences, add additional audiences, add targeting to live audiences, recommend a budget increase or decrease, and more. The longer in duration a campaign is live, the more the team will learn about the target audience and have the ability to make optimizations.

Top Performance Driving Content:

Programmatic Digital Display

There are multiple methods of targeting users with programmatic display, including curated custom site lists based on the affinities of users, as well as the ability to serve ads on contextually relevant sites. Over 74% of the US population is reachable via Programmatic Display.

Social Media

Facebook/Instagram has the most sophisticated and accurate audience targeting capabilities. Facebook reaches upwards of 171MM US users each month, representing over 50% of the US population.

Online Video | OLV

Online Video now has a comparable reach to traditional television, leveraging Google’s audience targeting capabilities to serve ads on contextually relevant videos and channels. YouTube reaches 185MM US users each month, representing over 57% of the US population.

Online Radio | OLR

Online Radio on channels like Pandora and Spotify are excellent channels to supplement a media campaign’s reach, particularly on mobile. Pandora alone reaches 78MM users monthly, representing 25% of the US population.